Lowest Trading Fees on DogeChain

The first fully fledged DEX ecosystem on the newly announced DogeChain

Welcome to Bork Finance

Bork has the largest ecosystem on DogeChain

Lowest Fees

Lowest Fees

Bork Features the lowest fees on DogeChain at only 0.17%

Passive Income

Passive Income

Our Farms have incredible annual returns

Burning System

Burning System

Our various burning mechanisms help us fight inflation

Referral System

Referral System

Earn more by growing the Bork Finance community

Only the Best for the Bork Community

The Most Advanced DEX on DogeChain

Bork Finance is technically speaking, the most advanced project launching on DogeChain. Featuring an original AMM system, several burning mechanisms, NFT Staking, a Referral System and innovative design language, we are by far the best you can find, and we are ready to overtake the chain by storm. 

Lower Fees

Lowest Fees on DogeChain

In order to take over the competition we will make sure that ease of use, speed and low costs are our priority for our users. That’s why our DEX will have the lowest fees yet seen on the DogeChain, at only 0.17%.

High Passive Income

High APR Farms

The crypto world is a quickly moving environment, so we are making sure to incentivize our initial users through high APR farms, while keeping our emissions lower than any other project you’ve seen before.

Healthy Supply Expansion

Avoiding Inflation through Burn Mechanisms

AMM Trading Fee Burn

0.05% of each trade on our DEX is used for buybacks and burns

BORK Token Tax

Swapping BORK features a 3% buy & sell tax that is burned and put out of circulation

NFT Sale Tax

100% of the NFT Sales performed with the BORK token will be burned

Earn More Through our Referral System

Bork Finance users can exponentially increase their earnings by inviting more users to the platform and growing the userbase through their referral code.

1% Additional Revenue

When inviting new users on the platform through your referral code you can earn 1% off of each user

Coming Soon

Optimize your Earnings with Bork Boosters

Common Bork

Increases farm rewards by 1%

Uncommon Bork

Increases farm rewards by 2%

Legendary Bork

Increases Farm Rewards by 5%

Sustaining the Project

Revenue Streams for

Booster Bork

Booster Bork

Unboxing Booster Borks with wDOGE brings treasury revenue for developments

Trading Fees

Trading Fees

0.02% of the AMM trading fees will be directly redirected back to the protocol treasury

Security Focused

Here at Bork, security is our #1 focus. All of our code is battle tested, originally developed by us, and audited by peer reviewers and security firms through every step of its development, so you can rest assured.

Multi Signature Treasury

Burning Mechanism

Locked Liquidity

Audited Contracts

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Bork Finance?

Bork Finance is the most advanced AMM on DogeChain. Our low fees, innovative design, burning mechanisms, nft system and referral system ensure high yields for users and our conquest of the chain.

Why is Gabe the Dog the project mascot?

Gabe the Dog is one of the most beloved memes of all time and one of our personal favourites. It brings joy to everyone and is easily marketable and useable for content. 

When will we launch?

We are looking to launch the project on the 18th of August through a fairlaunch strategy.

Can I Join a Whitelist?

There will be no whitelist but we will have an airdrop for the early lovers of the project that were interested in it.

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